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Paris~ – Part 2

15 Aug

hi My Little Tasters

sorry yesterday was a busy day hadn’t have time to post something sorry >_<

so let’s continue with the rest of Paris~

Day 2

well day 2 was Disneyland Paris. the park had just opened 1 hour and it becomes like this already…

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13 Aug

hi my Little Tasters

i’m sorry for not posting alot

that’s cos 2 blogs are hard to handle (at least that what i think or maybe i’m just too busy :p)

so today i’ll tell you, my little tasters what kind of food i’ve meet in Paris, well i think more at the place we’ve been living (Marne-La-Vallée, near Disneyland Paris)

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29 Jul

hi my little tasters

this is an annoncement for next week.

what’s so special next week to do an annoncement? well next week i’m gonna go to paris with my family for a week. and i’m gonna make alot of pics of food that we’ll eat >_<

so see you next week my little tasters ^^