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New Blog!!!

26 Jul

hi my little tasters

this is Food Princess. in this post i’ll explain you people why i started this blog and how i got the name “Food Princess”.

so let’s start! well to be correct this is actually my second blog. my first one is called: Mangafanatic’s talking about Anime! so i’m a mangafreak >_< but i wantedto make an other blog about food that i meet and share it with my little tasters so that’s why i started this blog ^^

why Food Princess? well it’s because i LOVE food but i suck at cooking. the things that i can make are only the very simple stuffs like sandwiches, noodles… and when we go to a restaurant i alwaystake pics from what i’ll eat so i decided to be a Food Princess. the name was inspired by the manga “Kitchen Princess” by the way it’s a very good manga it even teach you how to make the things they made in the manga so this manga is actually half manga and half recipebook >_<

so that’s why ^^

next time i’ll show the pics what i’ve already eaten to you people