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29 Jul

hi my little tasters

this is an annoncement for next week.

what’s so special next week to do an annoncement? well next week i’m gonna go to paris with my family for a week. and i’m gonna make alot of pics of food that we’ll eat >_<

so see you next week my little tasters ^^


27 Jul

hi my little tasters

so this is what i’ve met til now

let’s begin with the sweetest of them off >_<


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New Blog!!!

26 Jul

hi my little tasters

this is Food Princess. in this post i’ll explain you people why i started this blog and how i got the name “Food Princess”.

so let’s start! well to be correct this is actually my second blog. my first one is called: Mangafanatic’s talking about Anime! so i’m a mangafreak >_< but i wantedto make an other blog about food that i meet and share it with my little tasters so that’s why i started this blog ^^

why Food Princess? well it’s because i LOVE food but i suck at cooking. the things that i can make are only the very simple stuffs like sandwiches, noodles… and when we go to a restaurant i alwaystake pics from what i’ll eat so i decided to be a Food Princess. the name was inspired by the manga “Kitchen Princess” by the way it’s a very good manga it even teach you how to make the things they made in the manga so this manga is actually half manga and half recipebook >_<

so that’s why ^^

next time i’ll show the pics what i’ve already eaten to you people